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OK Sova/ March 14, 2017/ News/ 0 comments

Parking is located 200m from event centre Start for 1st day is located 1800 m/150m ascent from event centre and 1500 m/130m ascent on second stage finish area for first stage is located 600m from event centre. Don´t forget to download SI card in the event centre. Changes are possible up to 1h before first start. Control descriptions will be

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Accommodation – for all competitors!

Mega/ September 26, 2016/ English info Home, News/ 0 comments

Overnight stay 22./23. March 2014. year for all competitors will be organized in the sports hall in Našice. It has hot water shower and toilet! Accommodation will be paying 2 €! Another form of accommodation is (for the most club being told that he can fill the building) in rooms for 4-6 persons in a separate building with a bathroom

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Information for competitors

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Day I – Criteria for drawing knolls is rather low – 0,5 m – Categories W12, M12 and OPEN S as 4th or 5th control will have control number 62 before which they will need to pass shalow but wide stream. 50 m before control point there is a fallen tree over the stream drawn on map with small purple

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Options to reach by public transport

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Rail transport – Zagreb – Našice – Osijek – Zagreb Airport – Osijek Airport – Car rentals – Zagreb Car rentals – Osijek Bus Terminal in Zagreb –

For a tour of between race!

Mega/ January 10, 2014/ News/ 0 comments

Places you must visit while staying in Slavonia and Baranja, if you love history, art, untouched nature und good vine. Meet them! Kopački rit Citadel – is the Old Town of the city of Osijek Našički dvorci Wine roads