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  • Parking is located 200m from event centre
  • Start for 1st day is located 1800 m/150m ascent from event centre and 1500 m/130m ascent on second stage
  • finish area for first stage is located 600m from event centre. Don´t forget to download SI card in the event centre.
  • Changes are possible up to 1h before first start.
  • Control descriptions will be in start area and printed on the maps.
  • Maps are printed on waterproof paper and will not be placed in plastic bags.
  • Refreshment will be available for M/W21A on second stage on logical routechoise – competitors who want to have personal refreshment on that point must deliver it up to 8:30 to organizeers who will than transfer his/her refreshment.
  • Kid´s race will be organized on second day at 13:00.
  • Start is marked with white-blue paper stripes.
  • Category Beginers will be marked in the course. Logical route will be marked on path crossing with “red smylie” pointing wrong direction and “green smylie” pointing good direction.
  • Accomodation in a community center will be open at 17,00 (Saturday) – Street Stjepana Radića 18, Place Velika – GPS : 454051, 17.663262
  • Competition center – GPS: 521755, 17.684563
  • Parking – GPS: 45.522237, 17.683007
  • Please take care about nature – event will be placed in area of nature park Papuk

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